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Poor access to financial expertise

It is increasingly difficult to hire or contract qualified financial expertise to support startup and NGO activities in the East African region as  they typically do not have sufficient funding in the early stages. There is also limited evidence backed methodologies to support enterprise growth in Sub Saharan Africa


Flexible pricing, relevant products

  1. Growth focused: We redesign traditional services to focus on growth and capacity building. For example, bookkeeping services are paired with executive coaching to help founders track and interpret financial data. We assess efficacy and share our learnings/frameworks with partners.
  2. Flexibility: We blend cash and success fee arrangements to ensure diverse founder teams get access to top tier services
  3. Experience: We bring up to 17 years in collective experience working in multiple industries including agriculture, FMCG, 
    banking, telecommunications, tourism and technology and the public sectors.


Our Mission and Vision

Enea Advisors is on a mission to unlock financial potential in Africa. We want to close the gap of quality and affordable professional services available to early stage businesses and non-profits. These services we believe are critical to their longevity and potential to scale in local and regional markets.

Our services accelerate growth, improve compliance and support organisation bottom line. 

Our vision is to unlock value for up to 100 impactful businesses and organisations by 2030. 


Core Values

Our conscious is guided by an entrepreneurial and impact focused mindset with the understanding that our services enable innovative ideas to scale sustainably in East Africa.

  •  Entrepreneurial
We continuously innovate and look for opportunities to make our products affordable and relevant to organisation needs. We have a lean and semi remote operational model to ensure sustainability.
  •  Impact oriented
We care about being sustainable and inclusive. We encourage our clients to do what is right and package our deliverables together with impact tools. 
  •  Analytical Speed
We provide well thought out solutions and execution at a competitive pace
  • Technical rigor
We are confident and transparent about our technical strengths 
  •  Collaborative
We work with anybody and for everybody to do great work

Meet The Team

Catherine Misigaro

Catherine Misigaro

Engagement Manager

Theresia Mshana

Theresia Mshana

Compliance Manager

Leonard Minja



Senior Associate

"Enea has been a trusted advisor for our business. They studied our business operations and recommended a suitable suite of business management and cloud accounting solutions that we use to date. Their recommendations and continued support has helped us significantly improve our performance and efficiency as a business."

Samuel Killewo, Founder, Prime Choice