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Our services

We offer customised solutions in financial management

Our core technical expertise is in finance having worked with clients in agriculture, manufacturing, technology and public sector. Choose from our popular products below:

Enea Web 2.0 (2)

Fractional Accounting

CFO services at a fraction of the cost including accounting software installation, bookkeeping, tax filing, reporting and so much more.

Accountant Hiring

We help you identify, screen and onboard top accountant talent for your early stage business

Tax Advisory

We provide ad-hoc consultation on specific transactions and tax reviews for non-compliance


Special Projects

HIMEV Forest Mulcher

Introducing Brazilian Technology to the Tanzanian Agriculture Market

Advised Himev, a leading manufacturing company in Latin America introduce climate-smart mechanization equipment in Tanzania that would reduce carbon footprint from land use. The Enea team also facilitated the first sale to a customer in Tanzania and a live demonstration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Sokoine University.

Client Feedback

Enea Advisors's combination of expertise in finance, and comprehensive research market services, are very important to us. Their commitment to practicality, attention to detail, and understanding of the local market dynamics provide us valuable support  to enter and expand our presence in Tanzania - Manuel Silva (CEO) / Jose Vara (Partner)

Guavay Hakika Fertilizer

Redefining and digitizing financial management for a local manufacturing startup

Conducted financial health check to diagnose issues in financial reporting and compliance. From this exercise, the Enea team supported the accounting department to migrate to a cloud accounting system, strengthen its internal controls and furnishing management with  timely and relevant  financial data for weekly and monthly review.

Client Feedback

Enea helped us take a second look at our business with very practical support services. In a busy start-up life, a lot of numbers and information comes our way, and Enea helped us streamline and make sense of so much financial info, to improve our efficiency and investor readiness - Guavay Company Limited

Pesatech Presentation Jumanne Mtambalike

Coaching promising fintech startups in Tanzania to be market and investor ready

Provided business development services in UNCDF's Pesatech Accelerator to 18 startups in consortium with Sahara Ventures and Startup Reseau. Our services ranged  from conducting business health checks,  providing coaching to achieve key business milestones and sense checking financial/operational models.


Client Feedback

Keep up the good work - Sahara Ventures

The team is very knowledgeable about business strategy and finance, which helps Enea in gaining customers' trust - UNCDF

Scale Up Nutrition Business Network Strategy Tanzania

Engaging and equipping private sector in combating malnutrition

Contracted by GAIN and World Food Programme to develop a 5 year strategic development plan for the SUN Business Network in Tanzania to coordinate and support private sector efforts  particularly MSMEs in addressing malnutrition. This involved engaging its growing pool of nutrition sensitive businesses and various stakeholders in a validation workshop with the aim to increase the supply, awareness, and consumption of high quality nutritious food products in Tanzania.


Client Feedback

Enea has strong analytical skills and is able to understand the needs of various stakeholders in tackling client's problems/challenges - GAIN

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